Our Strength

NewRaiMin Tech does business in a professional manner.  We serve our customers with positive attitude.  In the competitive manufacturing world, almost all the companies provide similar services.  Sometimes the strength of company will not stand out until you have real experience with it.  Magasia Electronics welcome you to be our partners.  Once we started our relationship, we are sure that you will find yourself in a very rewarding position.  The following is what we are strong at:

1.  Responsiveness: We understand the terminology of "window of opportunity".  Time is essence for you and as well as for NewRaiMin Tech  We do work around the clock sometimes.

2.  Familiarity with US/European way of doing business: We are completely fluent in the English environment. Many times in the magnetic industry, it's important to have keen understanding of what customers are saying.

3.  Quality: Nothing can be compromise for our quality.  We believe that quality is the backbone for the manufacturing business.

4.  Cost Effective: We are fully taking advantage of labor cost leverage between China and rest of the world.

5.  Strong Sourcing Ability: In the magnetic industry, we understand that sometimes our plants may not be able to support the part which customer needs due to the different equipment setup.  However, we have strong ability of farming out for you, yet still at competitive prices.  Sometimes, we may refer our customers directly to the manufacturers if customers feel more comfortable with it.