NewRaiMin Tech is a Taiwan based manufacturing and service-oriented firm.  We have extensive experiences and knowledge in the magnetic world.  We would like to bring our expertise to our customers.

We want to put ourselves behind the scene and provide the OEM manufacturing solutions to the global manufacturers.

While other companies keep stressing the important of price, quality and on time delivery, we believe that this is basic rules in a company nowadays.  NewRaiMin Tech's philosophy is "Commitment to Customer's Success Always Come First".  We want to make you successful regardless which method we need to get through.  We understand that our customer is our most valuable asset for our company.

We welcome the opportunity to develop the new relationship with your company.  We know the important of our role to bridge the manufacturing world between Asia and Western world.  Regardless your volume is as small as 100 pcs or as big as 1000K pcs, you are all important to us.  We cherish and appreciate every opportunity which you provided to us.  We want to be the extension of your company here in Taiwan/China.  We hope to become an important assets for your company as well.

We look forward to hearing from you.  We are committed to the success of your company.  Thank you for choosing NewRaiMin Tech as your manufacturing solution partners.

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